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"BankGroupSwap (BGS) is a new memory mapping option in AGESA that alters how applications get assigned to physical locations within the memory modules; the goal of this knob is to optimize...
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Але для любителів розгону ця функція зводить нанівець всі старання, так як вона скасовує виставлені в BIOS спеціальні значення.</p><p>Друга функція - це BankGroupSwap (BGS). Under the Misc table, "BGS" (and the Alternate) might be "BankGroupSwap" at Advanced > AMD CBS > UMC Common Options > DRAM Memory Mapping; Under the Main Voltage table, "VRef (CHA/CHB)" might be "DRAM Ctrl Ref Voltage on" (CHA/CHB) at Extreme Tweaker > Tweaker's Paradise
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Здравейте! Дъното ми изгоря, а освен това процесора ми не струва, затова очаквам вашите предложения за това което си струва. Също смятам да сменям РАМ паметта, защото е ддр3. Видеото ми е gtx 960 2 гб,кутията- cooler master k350 ... BankGroupSwap: Uit ProcODT 60ohm RttNom 34ohm RttWR Off RttPark 48ohm ClkDrv 30ohm AddrCmdDrv 30ohm CsOdtDrv 30ohm CkeDrv 30ohm. maandag 11 juni 2018 03:46. Acties ... There's a setting available also on previous BIOSes under AMD CBS\UMC Common Options\DRAM Memory Mapping named BankGroupSwap. If you have 2x Single-Rank modules you can try setting this to Disabled and you might see some performance boost in certain applications.
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AMD tested both modes, and in a nutshell, the company recommends that most gamers should disable BankGroupSwap. You should also disable Geardown Mode if the memory overclock is already stable with a 1T command rate. As with any settings, your mileage may vary. Dus BankGroupSwap met Geardown uitschakelen? GEAR DOWN MODE (GDM) + BankGroupSwap (BGS) And thats very nice, but what about these settings? Does anybody has information about this settings, i will highly appreciate:-Memory-Interleaving-Memory-Interleaving Size-Data Poisoning-Chipset select Interleaving-Address hash Bank-Address hash Cs-BankGroupSWAP-BankGroupSWAP_ALT-TSME
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Nabend, möchte zwecks RAM OC BankGroupSwap deaktivieren. Finde es aber nirgendwo im UEFI. Finde auch nichts im Handbuch oder bei Google. Kann jemand helfen? Bei GearDownMode usw auf der Seite der ...

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BankGroupSwap Configure the BankGroupSwap. BankGroupSwapAlt Configure BankGroupSwapAlt. Address Hash Bank Configure the bank address hashing. Address Hash CS Configure the CS address hashing. Page 94 IOMMU Use this to enable or disable IOMMU. The default value of this feature is [Disabled].
Oct 23, 2020 · A Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (aka RAS) feature more clearly documented in the new JEDEC DDR4 Rev B spec, Gear-down mode, allows the DRAM Address/Command and Control bus to use ev… Estou usando a F23 (AGESA, Micron A-Die, Single-Rank. Agora os demais itens não tenho como saber haha Não cheguei tentar em 2T não, somente em 1T, não compensa manter em @2666Mhz 1T do que @2933 2T por exemplo em questão de desempenho? Outra coisa que já fiz foi tentar desabilitar o...
Jul 19, 2017 · BankGroupSwap can benefit synthetic benchmark results, so AMD’s Makinin suggests leaving it on for testing. When it comes to games, though, it is more beneficial to turn it off, so consider that ... Bankgroupswap. Backal group. Bakart group. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Wwii german militaria dealers 1 . Hashcat ...

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